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When I studied abroad in Freiburg, Germany 3 years ago I lived in something that was fairly similar to a boardinghouse. It was all college students but we were attending a variety of universities in the town. I feel it would be amazing to set up something in the style of a boardinghouse in Austin, TX (where I moving in March).

houses but some of the independent hostels with long term residents are really just boarding houses with a different name.

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The boardinghouse esque nature of college dormitories was one of the best aspects of undergrad. That about the extent to which many of us can relate to the notion, but it does indeed seem to be powerful.

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They were popular at my school, so they had to exist in some form in the real world, right? But I found nothing. It would be interesting to see a return to the formation of communities like this as people become more physically isolated by technology.

I lived in the Bronx for a couple of years in a boarding house which is part of the Kolping Society founded by a Catholic priest intending to provide a home away from home for Nike Shox Basketball 2005 young workers in the cities of industrial Germany. Nike Shox Us 13

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Ann Arbor is where I went to school! While I was there I had a living situation like a co op (8 of us living in a large house with a few rooms occupied by random student and non student subleasers who would come and go every few months), and transitioning from that to living alone in another state has been jarring. I am reclusive to a fault and probably wouldn have made it through college if I didn have the friends I made in that house. I love to see more non student co ops houses.

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Yes, I surprised the article didn mention them. Certainly the brand name hostels are closer to hotels than boarding All White Nike Shox For Sale

Yeah, I lease out three rooms in our house to roommates and it feels a lot like a boarding house style setup. It depends quite how it organized, of course.

where the city was born

Well, at least where I am (Ann Arbor), the student co ops also allow nonstudents, though they need to be approved by the house. But I agree; it disappointing that cooperative housing should be so largely restricted to students. And having to be approved by the house is a substantial barrier when you don know anyone. (And of course if you let in a large number of nonstudents, they cease to be student co ops, contrary to what they supposed to be. Which is again why it would be nice if more co ops existed that weren supposed to be primarily for students.)

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Campus is a startup doing interesting things related to communal living and groups housing. http: had a chance to meet the founder. They targeted to the younger crowd. I was fortunate enough to land in two great roommate situations in my early and mid 20s. I suppose a startup jumping into a fragmented market makes sense.

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SF in particular seems to be reviving the general concept of the boarding house[1]. You get less distraction looking after things as there are scale advantages (eg only one person manages the cleaner), you share meals, you meet more new people and you get more stimulated with new ideas spread from conversation and peoples friends.

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